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  • Duty Roster Information

    Many thanks for volunteering for a duty. GSC is a volunteer run club and as such it is really appreciated when people fulfil their roles.

    Please see below guidelines for details on the duty you are performing.


    Safety Boat Helms;

    •You must be over 16 years of age to helm a Club Safety boat.

    •You must have RYA PB2 or equivalent experience

    Safety Boats Crews;

    •you should be fit & able to help those in need of support.

    Before going afloat;

    •Check the Safety Boat status black board

    •Ensure that the safety boat has enough fuel

    •Ensure that your are familiar with the controls

    •ensure that you are dressed suitably; you are likely to get wet!

    When coming ashore;

    •Ensure that engines are run with fresh water

    •Ensure that hulls, cockpit, consoles and engine are hosed down

    •Report any failures or observations to AND add to the safety boat status blackboard.


    You don’t have to be a Delia or Gordon. If you can cook bacon and grate cheese you have the necessary skill set to cover a Sunday kitchen duty.

    When volunteering for a kitchen duty you are free to choose whatever you would like and are happy to make. Pick your favourite and ‘wow’ the masses. For inspiration there is a recipe folder in the stationary cupboard. It lists simple recipes and the quantities you would need for catering for 10 people.Please remember to cater for vegetarians.

    The usual numbers to cater for are:-

    Wednesday 40 people

    Thursday Cadets 50 people

    Friday Cadets 50 People

    Sunday 20 people

    Useful hints;

    •If you volunteer to help someone who has done it before, you will learn lots stress free

    •When arriving for your duty, please familiarize yourself with the kitchen duty opening and closing checks. The keys are in the key safe to the left of the door.

    •Wash all surfaces down, switch on the oven, dishwasher and if necessary the plate warmer

    •Please fill in the allergy ingredient sheet and kitchen diary sheet in the folder.

    •Deserts are easy. Ice creams (4 for £1 style) or fruit pies.

    •Remember to cover and write the date of all food put in the fridge or freezer.

    •Set your own prices. Most people charge £4.50 main, £3 baguettes and up to £1.50 dessert. Cadet evenings try to keep to under £5.

    •Simply put the receipts for your purchases in the kitchen cash tin and take your re-imbursement.

    Remember to bring milk and all the ingredients you need, everything must be prepared and made on site.

    Team up with friends and family, have a glass of wine. Have fun and bask in the gratitude of the fed. If you can cook at home, you can cook at the sailing club. The club kitchen has big bowls, pans, ovens, hobs, trays.


    The key for the shutters is the same bunch of keys as the kitchen.

    The till float is in the little store room behind the bar.

    Instructions for the till are to the left on the wall.

    Ice is downstairs in the chest freezer behind the 2nd door of the cellar.

    Feel free to stock drinks up from the store room.

  • Duty Information

    We are a volunteer club. All members are expected to undertake some duties if they can (average 3 per year). Over 65s and those under 17 don’t have to do duties but it’s great if they choose to. Duties can be in the kitchen, bar or on the safety boats. See the details below:

    Bar duty

    This is for over 18s only. The duty involves opening the bar, serving drinks, washing the glasses and cashing up. There are written instructions behind the bar, there are always other members around that can help and explain. Bar duties are good fun and will help you get tot know other members.

    Kitchen duty

    Kitchen duty is open to all over 16s, children aged 14-16 are welcome to help. There are normally 2 or 3 people allocated for each session. We try to provide hot meals for evening sessions and basic hot food or sandwiches for lunch. The kitchen stocks a basic larder, we suggest you purchase food for your session. Please note that food and hygiene rules must be followed in the kitchen.

    Safety boat duty

    Any member aged 16 or over with Powerboat Level 2 may volunteer for boat crew. Experienced safety boat crew are always on hand to help new volunteers.

    Not fit to do duties

    If you feel unable to undertake a duty as described above, please contact the Membership Secretary to discuss if there are other ways that you can help to support club activities. For instance helping in the race box or taking part in maintenance of the club and site.

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